Finansiel Stabilitet - Divestment of shares in PRAS A/S to be initiated

12 April 2018

The company PRAS A/S is owned by a large number of banks and was established in connection with Nykredit Realkredit A/S’s acquisition of more than half of the nominal share capital of Totalkredit A/S in 2003. The objects of the company are, among other things, to hold shares and other subordinated debt instruments in Nykredit Holding A/S and in mortgage credit institutions. In connection with the takeover of several failing banks, Finansiel Stabilitet has become a co-owner of PRAS A/S.

Finansiel Stabilitet holds a total of 6.55% of the share capital of PRAS A/S. In the preliminary financial statements of PRAS A/S for 2017, the shareholding has been recognised at a nominal value of DKK 35,921,401.

Now wishing to divest its shareholding, Finansiel Stabilitet initiates an open and transparent selling process directed at qualified investors in accordance with EU law principles, in which prospective buyers will be treated equally and a potential sale will be completed at the highest price obtainable. It is noted that, according to a shareholders’ agreement made in connection with the establishment of PRAS A/S, other shareholders and the company itself have a right of pre-emption in relation to the remaining shareholding.

In order to receive additional information about the selling process, qualified investors, as defined in section 2 of Executive Order no. 1176 of 31 October 2017, are invited to register their interest in acquiring the shareholding with Finansiel Stabilitet on or before 7 May 2018.

For additional information, please contact:

Jens Verner Andersen, Deputy Director, tel. +45 21 14 59 16

Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen, CEO, tel. +45 21 14 21 11, or alternatively via the press contact, tel. +45 24 76 35 90.