Københavns Andelskasse under kontrol - Termination of certain business customer relationships

25 September 2018

On 13 September 2018 Københavns Andelskasse was taken under control by Finansiel Sta-bilitet for the purpose of resolution. The resolution action was taken by Finansiel Stabilitet following the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority's decision that Københavns Andelskasse was likely to fail, cf. section 224 a(1)(1) of the Financial Business Act, due to, amongst others, observance of serious non-compliance with anti-money laundering regulation.

Københavns Andelskasse under kontrol has in continuation of these decisions assessed its portfolio of non-resident business customers and, with reference to its standard terms of busi-ness, decided to terminate the relationship with these customers with immediate effect.

Customers affected by this decision are separately notified of the termination.

For further information, please contact:
Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen, CEO, on tel. +45 21 14 21 11, or alternatively via the press contact, on tel. +45 24 76 35 90, e-mail: mail@fs.dk.