The former Københavns Andelskasse under kontrol (today converted into a financing company with the name of FS Finans VI A/S, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Finansiel Stabilitet Group) has received numerous requests for refund of amounts transferred to accounts in the former Københavns Andelskasse. These requests originate from individuals who has been customers of various companies operating websites and internet platforms offering trading in currency, binary options and contracts for difference etc. Often these customers report that they have been manipulated and persuaded to transfer money and consequently claim that they are victims of fraud. The individuals claiming refunds are not themselves customers or accountholders in the former Københavns Andelskasse.

Clearly, this is very unfortunate and disturbing for these individuals. However, any claims arising as results of such potential manipulation and persuasion should be directed towards the company through which the transactions were made and not to FS Finans VI A/S. Any refund from the various accounts requires the consent of the accountholder.

Moreover, it may also be relevant to report these incidents to the police.

Consequently, FS Finans VI A/S contests and rejects any claim regarding such transactions and hereby inform that FS Finans VI A/S has no obligation to refund any amounts paid by individuals through such websites or internet platforms.

Furthermore, please note that all depostit customer relations in the former Københavns Andelskasse under kontrol have been terminated and licence to carry on banking activities has been deposited effective of the 28 June 2019. For further information please click here.